Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) are cost controlled campaigns that can be used to effectively reach a wide target audience spread across geographies. These campaigns are an instant way to reach a wide spectrum of customer profiles thereby generating brand visibility and generate traffic to your site fast

We can create an ad strategy that is based on your current requirement and design the ads and run them on pre-determined platforms. These pay per click ads are usually run on social media platforms which are selected based on many generic and specific campaign requirements. Then insights are looked into to understand how the ads have performed and what results they have generated for the client. Example platforms on which ads are run can be Facebook, youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

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We enable you to create and run high-quality ads on different social platforms to increase visibility and provide quick wins for an ad campaign. We also manage those campaigns and ensure that they deliver the most efficient ROI for each type of campaign. Campaigns are tailored to create the maximum impact from a 360 degree perspective of the intended audience. Keyword selection, keyword management, and effective competitor analytics enable us to run very high-quality campaigns and thus deliver the best results for our customers. A well-designed ad also makes meaningful connects with audiences and helps to leverage brand recall.

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We have the understanding, experience and skill to create well optimised campaigns that are designed to create intended outcomes on the social platform chosen


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